4 risks facing courier services dealing with heavy material transportation

The shipping, courier and delivery industry plays a crucial role in the running of lots of other businesses. While the industry has reported absolute success, there are some underlying challenges and risks that it faces. Unknown to many including their clients is that shipping companies go out of their way to facilitate deliveries. To help us understand what goes on with courier services especially those dealing with oil, heavy material, and mineral transportation.

1. Spillage and accident risks

Mining and minerals logistics is not an easy task; this is bearing in mind that some minerals being transported can be toxic, or flammable. The transportation process should, therefore, be meticulously implemented to reduce incidences of spillage or accidents. The shipping company transporting these materials ought to be extra careful right from loading to driving through the busy highway to ensure the safety of the other road users. It is their prerogative therefore to hire most qualified operators and drivers who understand the value of the cargo they are ferrying and the implications if anything were to happen.

2. Currency fluctuations

The work that these courier companies do is difficult and should, therefore, attract a high premium charge. It becomes a financial and operational risk when the currency fluctuates. They have to contend with high fuel prices; special road permits especially for heavy materials transportation. The longer it takes for the trailer to reach the destination the higher the costs of transportation. In times of currency fluctuation, the company might run at a loss due to logistical challenges.

3. Weather conditions

Bad weather conditions with poor visibility provide a challenge drivers and operators for oil shipping services and heavy material transportation. Bad weather has been cited as the major cause of accidents involving this transportation service. Drivers and operators are often advised to park by the roadside or look for the safest place to park until the weather improves. Accidents can cause huge losses and damage to property a risk that the shipping company cannot afford to take. More information can be found at 3PL Links, which provides additional resources.

4. Fatigue

Heavy materials transportation and oil shipping services often require the drivers to drive for long distances overnight resulting in fatigue. Fatigued drivers cause accidents hence contributing to road carnage and losses to the courier company. However, these companies implement rotational driver sequence in a bid to address this risk. Overnight transportation is also discouraged especially in Canada in a move aimed at making transportation safer.


Courier services especially those dealing with heavy material transportation face a myriad of challenges and risks. Some are life-threatening, others are financial and operational. However, they are able to handle these risks with care and professionalism to deliver the high-quality services that they provide. They go out of their way to ensure that products are delivered to the consumer’s doorstep.